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<청년 농부들> 꿀 먹은 도라지청 Bellflower Extract 1+1

Bellflower Extract Supports Immunity, Respiratory Disease, and Bronchial Health by fermenting the roots of Bellflower.

Bellflower is a specialty plant in Korea, and its detoxifying and antipyretic properties can help prevent colds.

It is also beneficial for health due to its ability to remove egg balloons and regulate blood pressure.

Bellflower blue is made by fermenting bellflower roots into blue, which uses microorganisms to break down the ingredients and enrich them with nutrients, making them easier to digest and absorb.

It also has additional benefits as it undergoes fermentation. Take 50-100 ml of bellflower extract daily before meals. It can be consumed in small amounts to maintain a clean body. It can also be enjoyed as a healthy drink

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